Blessing from Kenya

Hi SStS,

i can never be able to articulate what the SStS visit to KACH means because the meanings make such a thick and dense web of connections – relational, cultural, spiritual, mental, physical, personal, communal, political, economic and all those others in-between and around. Yet, among all these, the bottom line is that in the end, we see each others humanity. We profoundly recognize those fundamental places where who I am and where I am, are intricately bound with who you are and where you come from. The bonds of friendship, new seeing and new understanding – the relationships that we forge together – build such strong bridges that no amount of floods of challenges can ever erode or break down.

Experiences are an awesome way to live in the world. They enable us to feel life at its deepest and best. They take us to places and spaces that no written word can excavate/reach. I deeply value the gift the SStS experience offers your students, our kids and the people of Kenya. The Light it shines on the possibilities for humanity’s liberation from shackles of ignorance, that Light: Nothing, no one can ever take away that from the hearts of the kids, and us adults, who are blessed to witness the work of the Light.

Blessings and peace, always,

Dr. K

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