Finishing School Project

Friday was the last day of garden work at the school. We were able to cement the tables together and finish planting all of the plants in the middle and upper school. The strenuous work finally finished when we placed all of the gravel, hand printed stones, and tied watering systems (plastic bottles) to all of the plants. After a quick lunch, we ended the week with the last day of camp: Community Beach Day. We had multiple stations to keep the local kids entertained that included art, soccer, sandcastles, face painting, and of course surfing!

It gave us all great pride to see the students work as hard as they did through what was a very demanding week. We feel truly fortunate to have such an amazing group of students.IMG_9236

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  1. Christina Esteve says:

    What a beautiful garden! We love the handprints! It must feel so satisfying to see your completed project after all your hard work. Nice job everyone!