First day of a new experience

(this post is about our first day in Torewa, but due to internet difficulties is just now being posted – we apologize!)

On June 20, we started off the morning by packing everything we needed for the camping into our day packs. Than we packed everything else into our big bags and stored it into a closet until we get back. After that, we checked out the hotel and went to the clinic to load all the filters into a truck and unload them by the river. We had a very hard time with the filters and sand bags but after a while we got the hang of it. We walked back to the clinic and got cleaned up to head out for lunch. The restaurant was close to the river so after lunch we just went straight to boat and waited for Joselo and the rest of the team. It was about a three hour boat ride but I slept most of the time. When we got to the village in the jungle, we unloaded all the filters and food. Then we settled down and built our tents inside of like house. Personally, I loved the place because I love being around nature and being around kids. I just thought it was so exciting and an awesome place to be.

– Lielti Weldehiwet

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