First Full Day

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Hi Everyone,

Today was our first full dayin New Oreleans and Kelly and Sarah, our leaders, already had a full agenda for our group.

To start off our morning, we had a group disscussion about the week’s plan, the EEY mission, and our personal goals, followed by a trip to Betsy’s Pancake House for delicious pancakes and waffles.

In order to strengthen our bond as a group, we created inspirational bracelets to motivate us throughout the entire trip. Some words included: change, help, new, and culture.

After this discussion, we realized we are all here for similar reasons: to immerse ourselves in a new culture, help those in need, and make a difference, one step at a time.

Later, we sampled New Orlean’s culture by taking a visit to New Orleans sculpture garden and tasting Beignets in the French Quarter.

Don’t worry! We are all doing GREAT, especially after our amazing crawfish boil!

We will keep you posted!!

-Bianca, Emily, and Natalie

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