Happy Father’s Day

From deep in the Bolivian Amazon, to rural Taksindu, and Meru, a Happy Father’s Day message was sent to me last evening, to be passed on to through the trip journal: a reminder that families stay with us even during adventures that take us so far from home.

With NOLA’s initial reports of a successful, meaningful, trip, I am hearing consistent feedback through text, trip logs, and satellite phones of EEY students engaged in the multifaceted learning that drives our mission.   Some examples of messages from the last few days:

NOLA:  in response to an overheard wish of a local whose house was under water for days during Katrina, EEY’s last day was spend buying the material and then constructing a beautiful flower garden at the home they helped refurbish during the week.

Kenya:  after visiting elephant and giraffe sanctuaries, EEY students settled in to their work site, now three days into the construction of a greenhouse for the Community Home – an orphanage for AIDS orphaned children.  Cultural talks led by our host NGO, bonfire chats with local university students, and dinners with orphans and NGO staff enrich each day with the deep learning we organize for each group.

Nepal:  a day in Kathmandu, a flight into rural Nepal, debriefing on service projects, stays in monasteries and the most primitive of homes, long treks, and shoulder-to-shoulder work with a group of Sherpas, Monks, and Porters – all of this on just the eighth day of EEY:  Nepal.  From a satellite phone I could hear the joy of seeing a world “never before imagined.”

Bolivia:  EEY students worked shoulder-to-shoulder with medical staff, processing patients – no English here – to assist in the most basic of health care.  All of this before building,delivering, and installing fresh water filtration systems via boat along the Amazon.   Along with the other EEY groups, our Bolivia program working from the core of our mission.

With gratitude and respect to students, trip leaders, NGO’s, and parents,

Bob Bandoni

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