Our boat ride to Asuncion

After loading 12 heavy filters and many bags of supplies onto our two boats we had finally set out for Asuncion. Antonio and JuanCarlos were on the boat with Sanjuana, Elise, Michaela, and me. We had departed around 5 and we knew that in an hour it was going to start to get dark. During the boat ride it was raining but the weather could not take away from the beauty all around us. Before us we saw the mountainous lanscape covered in the green trees and vegetation of the rainforest. Within the first 2 minutes of our boat ride a cat fish had flew into our boat. Unfourtunetly we weren´t able to get it back into the water because it was moving around so much. As our boat ride continued we were captured by the beauty that surrounded us. Because we were going upriver the boat ride was going to be 2 hours. When it started to get dark some of the people in the group started to get nervous. Elise and I started to make up different stories about what could happen to us and Michaela kindly added the comment of ¨This is usually how a horror movie starts.¨That Statement just got our imagination going and we had quite a bit of fun making jokes and laughing about the somewhat scary situation we were in. Towards the end of our boat ride it was completely dark and we started to see lightning so one could imagine how excited we were when we saw headlamps on the shore. All in all the boat ride to Asuncion was an amazing one and something that i doubt anyone will be able to forget.

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