Safe Arrivals, Good Spirits, and Spontanious Adventures

After numerous long days, we have arrived safely in Bolivia, although we are still a few hours from Rurrnabaque. The long flights, longer layovers and delays have tried our energy, but the students are responding wonderfully. They are a tough, kind, and patient group. These skills demonstrated early in our travels will serve us well over the next few weeks.

After a eight hour layover in Miami we were surprised to learn that our flight into Rurrenabaque was also delayed eight hours. We used this opportunity to leave the airport and visit the streets of La Paz. It was just the shot of energy we all needed. The highlight of my trip thus far was watching their faces light up as we started down the hill into La Paz. The short tour of the city got everyone starting to understand this new place. They all shared some observations when we returned to the airport and it was clear they were prepared and open for our new experiences ahead.

So our flight to Rurre leaves in an hour, the students are wrapping up their card game, and we are off to board the plane. We will write you next, hopefully from clean clothing, and after a shower, from the  Amazon.

So happy to be in Bolivia,

Slade Cogswell and Courtney Robinson

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